Thursday, June 26, 2014

WordMat for Mac released

I'm very pleased to announce the release of the first version of WordMat for Mac.

Compared to WordMat for Windows there are the following major differences:

  • No support for graphing using Graph, as this program is not Mac compatible.
    GeoGebra, Excel and GnuPlot will have to do.
  • The WordMat menu is not in the Ribbon. You can access the WordMat-menu from a floating toolbar which you can position where you like. The menu can be shown/hidden using the keyboard shortcut alt+w
  • Units are not supported yet. Hopefully this will be coming in the next version.
  • Embedded Excel-sheets are not supported on Mac
  • GeoGebra must be installed separately using the App store
Also the Maxima for Mac is build using a different Lisp than on windows. Even though the source code is the same it behaves slightly differently. Preliminary tests doesn't show any major problems though.

There are many different versions of the MacOSX. Word for Mac is also frequently updated with different fixes. It has only been tested on a few systems. Let me know how it works out.

I would like to thank Jørgen Mikkelsen from Sct. Knuds Gymnasium for making a significant contribution to the programming of WordMat for Mac.


Installing WordMat for Mac requires some manual settings.
  1. Download and run the wordmat.pkg file from the website
  2. Open Word. 
  3. Go to the menu and find: Word / Settings
  4. Click 'File locations'
  5. Click start and the edit
  6. Choose the WordMat folder located in the applications folder
  7. Go to the menu: Functions / Templates and add-ons
  8. Place a checkmark at WordMatMac.dotm 


  1. I would not count? the writing bug? what am I doing wrong. has full instructions

  2. This shit ain't working on my mac! I have office 2016 installed...

  3. I have Word 2011(mac). When i have the right start-location, there is still no "WordMatMat.dotm" that i can checkmark



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