WordMat is an addon to Microsoft Word. When installed a new menu will be available in Word granting access to advanced mathematical functions. 

WordMat is free, released under GNU General Public Licence.

To learn more please go to www.eduap.com

About this blog

It is the intension that this blog will 

  • Demonstrate new features when a new version is released.
  • Demonstrate pedagogical approaches using WordMat
  • Inform about upcoming features

Target audience can differ between posts, but will mainly be Teachers using WordMat in their classrooms.


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  2. Hello i am interrested in how you keep the websites up. Like how do you get the money to keep the site up?

  3. Hej, kommer der en version af WordMat som kan bruges til de nye macbooks, Med M1

  4. Hej mangler Wordmat til macbook M1..hvornår kommer det???

  5. I've got wordmat installet but when every time I tried to press the button it says "A protected module contains a compilation error. " And send me to this page: https://docs.microsoft.com/da-dk/office/vba/Language/Reference/User-Interface-Help/compile-error-in-hidden-modulemodule-name