Thursday, April 20, 2017

WordMat v. 1.12 released

This release mainly fixes bugs from the previous major release, such as problems with logarithms and using exact mode on the Mac version, but also several other minor bugs.

This version introduces one new feature: An updated Excel sheets to easily do regression and plot residuals. It can be a tool for both mathematics and science subjects to make graphing in Excel easier and better looking.
You open the Excel sheet from the regressions menu or the Graph menu.

The screenshot below shows some of the features

  • Enter up to 3 datasets which shows up as points in different colors
  • Perform 'on the fly' regression, quickly testing the match of different regression types
  • Residual plot to better analyze the regression fit
  • Manually enter any function (here the black dashed linje 2x+3)
    You can enter a function using constants which then can be manipulated in the constants column for a precise fit.
  • Highlight any point (the red dashed line)